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A virile tale about a tough-as-nails Blackfoot Indian... a roaming badass... a well-crafted, solid thriller ---BlueInk Review


The language of the story is poetic and staccato, like memory... an overall excellent story. Highly recommended.



All of the plotlines feed in and out of the narrative, keeping the reader rushing to the end, much like trying a controlled run to the bottom of a steep hill. Solomon Bull is an interesting mix of adventure story, government conspiracy, Native American culture, and Libertarian philosophy. It's politically incorrect, unexpectedly humorous, and thoughtful all at the same time. The dialog mostly flows smoothly, the character development is handled exceptionally well, and even with the competing plotlines, still stays coherent to the end. Clayton Lindemuth will fit in for fans of Greg Rucka's Atticus Kodiak or Andrew Vachss's Burke stories. Solomon Bull is an entertaining political conspiracy novel, with an engaging protagonist that fights the limitations imposed on him by both others and his personal demons he's determined to overcome.


★★★★★ 5 stars for Solomon Bull

A book that manages to have multiple WTF plot twists gets points for being surprising.... "Solomon Bull" presents several conspiracies centering on the main character and the personal struggle for identity of the same. I'd summarize it as James Bond meets the Southwest and militia conspiracy theories to create an inventive novel. I give the book five stars on complexity and novelty. ---Tamara Wilhite



It's a twisted countdown to a brutish desert Arizona race in Clayton Lindemuth's newest Rebel Noir novel... The author's straightforward approach to storytelling draws readers in from the get-go as he nimbly weaves a good-versus-evil theme. Including a little bit of everything one would want in a political thriller... It should appeal to a broad audience and gain many new followers for Lindemuth's fine work. 

Lindemuth's refusal to apologize for machismo is bound to upset the politically correct crowd, as is his portrayal of a politician who wallows in corruption and has a racist past involving Indians... With SOLOMON BULL, author Clayton Lindemuth has created a new genre--Indian noir, applying the theme of mystery writers in which the haunted protagonist uncovers a much bigger crime while on a quest to solve another. Lindemuth imbues this tale with secrets and lies, and a past that will not go away.

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